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by Laurence Laffont - published on

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GEETS 2020 Thesis Awards: 3 out of 6 awards were given to PhD students from LAPLACE.
- Sincere congratulations to:

- Yazan BARAZI (CS Group): Fast Protection in Extreme Short-circuit Regime of SiC MOSFETs by Integrated Functions in CMOS ASIC Technology (supervisors: N. ROUGER and F. RICHARDEAU)
- Andriniaina HARRY SOLO (AEPPT) : Theoretical Study of a Plasma in the Transition Phase of Ignition/Combustion of a Gas Engine (directors : P. FRETON and JJ GONZALEZ)
- Valentin MAZIÈRES (GRE) : Microwave Breakdown by Time Reversal (directors : O. PASCAL and R. PASCAUD (ISAE))

This prize distinguishes the 6 best theses of 2020 on a total of 59 defended theses, meaning a total of 10% of the best theses)

Presentation prize of the GEETS 2021 day : 5 prizes out of 7 are awarded to PhD students from LAPLACE :

- Congratulations to: Maël DURAND (GENESYS), Hugo RADET (GENESYS), Maxime BONNET (GREM3), Adrien LAFFONT (GRE), Maxime CASTELAIN (SCIPRA).
This prize distinguishes the 7 best presentations of the Doctoral School Day of April 15th, 2021.