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by Frédéric Marchal - published on , updated on

Low temperature plasma for biomedical- Plasma medicine- Sterilization and decontamination - Gas pollution control - Biomaterial treatment- Basic data Kinetics and electro-hydrodynamics modeling of low temperature plasmas, streamers and discharges- Laser diagnostics and spectroscopy- Interactions particles/bio-matter-Gas breakdown

The team “Non equilibrium reactive plasmas” develops and uses various non thermal plasma sources for active species production under different modes of electric and electromagnetic power supplies at atmospheric pressures as well as at reduced pressures.
The team knows and masters the experimental diagnostic tools and also the modelling tools of physico-chemical discharge behaviour that are developed and experimentally validated.
The team covers a large area of expertises non thermal plasmas from fundamental researches on basic data up to applications involving their valorisation by patents and the technological aspect (e.g. participation to the development of sterilisation prototypes).
The different research activities are grouped on three main topics mainly oriented towards biomedical and environmental applications of low temperature plasmas.