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by Agnès GP - published on , updated on

Improved control, performance and reliability of electrical systems improvement , including converters, electrical machines, batteries, embedded actuators, alterno-starters, fuel cells in railways, aviation, automobile and other industries.

Some ambitious goals :
• Optimal time management (high bandwith, low time response, high disponibility, heavy time constraints ...)
• Volume reduction (high switching frequency, sensorless, mutualisation...)
• Autonomy (diagnostics, multi sources systems, multi machines systems, multi processors, cooperation...)
• Tuning quality (performance, reliabillity, robustness ...)
• Simulation models improvement (faulty objects...)
• Tools improvement (non stationary signals, hybrid dynamic systems ...)

Many objects :
static converters, electrical machines with simple or double feeding, batteries,
embedded actuators, alterno-démarreur , fuell cells, lamps.

Different applications :
railway, automobile, aeronautics, industry, illumination, solar energy..

A large pannel of methods and tools :
linear, non linear, hybrid, fuzzy, sliding mode control, signal processing, fractionnal order derivative, time-frequency analysis, bond-graphs, experimental design...